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BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly It List from top left: M Frame shoulder bag / sterling silver star necklace (under $100) / Chanel nail polish / Dior spring nail polish / spring sweater / straight leg jeans (under $100) / black shoulder bag / green shoulder bag / caramel hobo bag / ivory moon shaped bag / black lug sole boots (water resistant) /

Spring has tried to peek through! We had one, beautiful spring-like day. Of course, now we are back to cold weather, and our sweaters and jackets are out in full force!

Now that we have had one little taste of spring, we are feeling motivated to update our wardrobes! Of course, we still need to dress warmly, so integrating spring nail polish, shoulder bags, hobo bags, eliminating skinny jeans, adding a new delicate necklace (layered delicate necklaces are hot for spring), and reaching for colors from the spring color palette; are all great ways to start integrating spring into our wardrobes while still wearing our sweaters and coats to keep warm. Love that!

How pretty is this little star necklace! Layered necklaces are huge for the spring season, so if you don’t already have a few in your wardrobe, now is the time to start collecting! This cute little star necklace is under $100 and made from sterling silver. It’s perfect for layering now, and well into the spring season; plus, a silver star is classic and can be worn well after the layering trend ends. To be frank, layered necklaces come and go so investing in a few delicate necklaces is a good idea since you can always wear them.

Speaking of layered jewelry, layering bracelets will start to pick up steam again when people move into 3/4 sleeves and short sleeves. I’ll add a few pretty silver bracelets for layering into the shopping widget below. They can be worn with each other or mixed with the beaded bracelets you have already been collecting. Love!

What are you loving right now as we dream of spring weather?

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