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Summer beach bags 2021

summer beach bags 2021 straw totes

Summer beach bags from top left: small straw tote (IT bag under $500) / large beach bag (under $100) / designer IT bag / classic straw tote (under $300) / stripe straw tote / popular designer straw tote with shoulder straps /

Beach season is here! I love a fabulous straw beach tote this season since straw totes are hotter than hot; plus, when they get sand inside, they are easier to clean than a canvas tote. Love that!

Summer beach bags come in various sizes depending on what you need it for at the beach. A smaller tote can handle items such as a book, sunscreen, and baseball cap. Whereas a larger tote can fit a towel, lightweight sweatshirt for when the fog rolls in, a book, sunscreen, and snacks. The size you get depends on what you like to bring with you to the beach. I also like to look at my beach tote as something which can work at the pool too. So that is something to keep in mind if you are looking at the beach bag to work at the pool too.

I tend to carry two beach bags because I have kids who like to bring extra items to the beach. I normally will have one large beach bag filled with multiple towels and sweatshirts, and also a smaller beach tote with a book, snacks, and sunscreen. Yes, I am one of those bag ladies at the beach. haha

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Which type of beach bag is your favorite?

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