Sunglasses and lunch

san jose street style

wearing: sunglasses c/o Sunglass Hut / summer lipstick / white drop earrings / black eyelet sleeve top (under $50) / chain pouch handbag / bead bracelets / gold cuff / summer nail polish / snake buckle belt / baggy jeans / sneakers /

How fabulous are these limited edition, 50th anniversary collection sunglasses from Sunglass Hut! If you haven’t seen this iconic collection yet, you can check it out at There are so many beautiful styles!

I wore these sunglasses out to lunch with my friend Dawn from Fashion Should be Fun. It was a mild day, with a little bit of fog on the bay. We enjoyed walking around Santana Row, and eating lunch at EMC Seafood & Raw Bar. Dawn snapped all these photos for me with the exception of the bottom right picture. My husband snapped that one later in the week when we went to dinner at King’s Seafood. Yes, I wore this top twice. You know you’ve done it! But I digress. . .

Can we take a minute to chat about these jeans? They are supposed to be wide leg, and they look baggier than they are. That is because I lost weight! Yay! My doctor wants me to get my BMI down to a healthy level, so I have been on a mission to lose twenty pounds. At the time these photos were taken, I was down ten pounds. As I write this post, I am down twelve pounds! So, needless to say, all of my clothing is getting very baggy right now! I want to finish my weight lose before investing in clothing, so you may see a few more baggy posts before my clothing fits properly again.

Normally I am huge advocate for wearing the correct size. I am a firm believer in not walking around in tight clothing or overly large clothing. That being said, I always understand losing weight, and not wanting to spend money on sizes that might be temporary. Ten pounds can be a whole number size, so if you are like me, and trying to lose more than ten pounds, we are in this baggy clothing thing together! We can just make it fabulous!

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