3 emerging handbag trends to watch

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There are so many handbag trends right now! Instead of one, stand-out IT bag trend, the world of handbags is having a wild, wild west moment! This means there is a style for every taste on the fashion radar; and I am here for it!

A few weeks ago I shared with you my favorite handbag trends for summer 2020, now, I want to visit three emerging handbag trends to watch, and to covet this year.

Pillow Bags

Pillow Bags are a hot new trend in handbags, and it is very inviting! Who isn’t attracted to something soft and squishy? Pillow bags are simple, classic handbags which are stuffed. You may see them in the form of extra-large quilted designs, or simple, puffy designs. While this design has been done before, it seems to be more mainstream this time around. This means puffy pillow bags are proving to be a hot emerging trend right now. If you want to hop on the train before it’s full, snap up a pillow bag you can not only store your stuff inside, but use as a pillow for a nap too.

Pastel Bags (retro ‘60’s vibes)


The 1960’s were all about pastel suits with matching pillbox hats and bags. Those bags are back! Right now, designers are introducing pastel bags in structured silhouettes to wear this summer, as well as into the fall season. You can find a pastel bag in your favorite hue; there is no wrong color. This is a great way to freshen up your look; so store your neutral or black bag. Lighten up, and go pastel!

Hobo Bags


OK, so I already mentioned hobo bags in my summer handbag trend post, but it really needs more attention. Hobo bags have been trying to happen for the past decade; and this might actually be their chance for a comeback! While my wallet gets lost inside of a hobo bag, they do offer a soft and comfortable silhouette which is easy to carry around. So if you don’t need to constantly reach for something, hobo bags could be your thing.

What do you think of these three emerging handbag trends? Will you be rocking any of them? I definitely want to invest in a pastel bag; and the pillow bags have caught my eye too. Although I am not a huge hobo bag fan, I can never say never to a bag style. Who knows, I might convert to the hobo bag side! It’s hard for me to say no to a handbag 😉

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