Not the pink panther

wearing: gold statement earrings / summer lipstick / black tee / pink blazer / black snake buckle belt / light wash skinny jeans / summer nail polish / bold statement ring / soft black clutch / wedges espadrilles (on major sale!) /

Oh heeeeeyyyy!! I’m wearing bold earrings and a blazer outside of a Zoom meeting! Yay! I decided I am tired of my ultra-casual, quarantine wardrobe. It is time to wear outfits again! This outfit made life feel normal-despite being paired with a mask. I couldn’t bring myself to photograph the mask with the outfit. I took these photos in front of my garage door so that I could smile and feel normal; at least in the photos.

Last week was the busiest week I have had since we started our shelter-in-place here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Like the idiot that I am, I was running in my house in socks; we have a hardwood floor. I think you know where this is going. Long story short, I had to go out into the world and get an x-ray. It looks like I injured my leg muscle, but nothing too bad. I know better than to run in the house; I mean, I tell my kids that all the time. Not quite sure what I was thinking, but it happened! haha I guess this quarantine thing is messing with my brain!

I have to admit, it was weird out there! I have only been going to the supermarket near my house, so going several miles away to my doctor’s office, then an imaging office, was weird. Everyone was in masks, and when I entered the building they took my temperature and had me use hand sanitizer. Everything appeared really clean; so I felt safe. Despite feeling safe, nothing will feel normal until businesses can reopen, and people are back to work.

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At least wearing an outfit while going out made me feel good, and normal. Everyone is out and about in sweats and workout clothing. I need to get out of that cycle, and start dressing up a little bit; even if it’s still a super casual look. I’m watching other states and areas starting to reopen. I am looking forward to the day we get there too! How are things where you are?

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