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Mansur Gavriel Cloud clutch review

mansur gavriel cloud clutch

pictured: Mansur Gavriel Cloud clutch in black with flamma interior /

Ah! I finally caved and bought the Mansur Gavriel Cloud clutch! This beautiful clutch is priced well under $1000, and has an IT factor to it. Love that!

The Mansur Gavriek Cloud clutch is starting to sell quickly; reminding us all of the days when we couldn’t get our hands on their famous bucket bag to save our lives. In order to snag the Cloud clutch in black with flamma interior, which I feel like is an iconic color combo for a Mansur Gavriel bag, I went on a wait list. It took two months to receive my new clutch, and it was worth the wait.

This soft and buttery leather clutch is lightweight, and fits a ton of items! My camera fits inside too, but I used it to take these pictures so you will have to imagine it inside the bag. Even with the camera inside, there is sill room for more items; such as a baggie of goldfish crackers for the kids. This makes the Cloud clutch by Mansur Gavriel a great daytime bag; as long as you don’t mind carrying it around.

The Mansur Gavriel Cloud can be hand-held, or tucked underneath your arm. It is comfortable to carry since it is a lightweight bag and the structure is ultra-soft. It would even work as an evening bag since a pair of flats could fit inside. (sometimes a girl needs a plan B when it comes to walking in heels-just sayin’)

Below you can see what I carry in my clutch, and you can also see the extra room for more items. The narrow blue case is a sunglasses case.

What fits inside the Mansur Gavriel Cloud clutch

mansur gavriel cloud clutch interior what fits inside mansur gavriel cloud clutch mansur gavriel cloud clutch in stock

pictured: Mansur Gavriel Cloud clutch / blue iPhone case / lipstick / sunglasses /

This is a really fun bag for attending an event, carrying out to lunch with the girls, or anytime you want to look on trend, and in-the-know 😉 It comes in several seasonal colors, but my favorite is classic black with flamma interior. I’m looking forward to wearing this bag often during the spring and summer seasons; as well as into fall.

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