The perfect Hawaiian sunset

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wearing: pearl earrings (purchased in Hawaii, similar pair here) / sunglasses / summer lipstick / floral top / black pants / summer nail polish / woven handbag / black mule espadrilles (super comfy!)

The sun sets every night in Hawaii, but it isn’t always visible. Some of the nights we spent in Hawaii offered us a cloud cover instead of a sunset. The missed sunsets were a moot point after viewing the one incredible sunset we experienced at Sam Choy’s just south of Kona.

We stumped upon this restaurant on our way back to our hotel after visiting Volcanoes National Park. We took the highway along the coast to travel the two hours back to our hotel, and along the way we passed huge flowers, macadamia farms, and no restaurants in sight! Haha

It was like an oasis appeared when we saw a large golf course and condo complex. Just beyond it we could see what appeared to be a small shopping center. We turned into the center and the first building we saw was Sam Choy’s! I could tell by the way it was perched upon the hill, the views would be incredible. I didn’t care what type of menu they might have, that was where we would eat; executive decision made!

No-one complained as parked and walked into the restaurant. It had a 230 degree view of the ocean; perfect for viewing a Hawaiian sunset. The hostess was really nice, and gave us a table with a view for dinner. We ordered our meals and ate slowly, so as not to finish before sunset. We needed to waste a little over an hour!

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We got lucky! The food was delicious, and after our meals, we ordered dessert. The desserts were equally divine, and kept us dining until sunset. The views of the sunset were unreal.

If you are planning a trip to the Big Island, be sure to pop into Sam Choy’s for dinner one night in order to enjoy the incredible sunset from your dinner table. It was heaven on Earth!

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The rest of the trip we enjoyed clouds hiding the sunsets. We were so thankful for this beautiful view of the sunset over dinner at Sam Choy’s. It was the only sunset we needed to see.

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