The death of the logo bag

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pictured: not a logo bag. Categorized as a quiet, trendy bag. Can be found online here, check out my review here.

The death of the logo bag. You knew it was coming.

Logo bags have been a hot trend for the past few years, but in 2018, they started to wane. As we move into 2019, the logo bag is over. 2019 is all about expressing yourself through your handbag. It is a year to tell the world a story. It is not a year to be a walking billboard.

There isn’t one stand out IT bag this year, instead, we are looking at IT trends in the handbag world. There are three distinct handbag trends that will evolve over the coming year, branching off into separate trends for each distinct season. In 2019, we are looking at forms of the understated trendy bag, the quiet status bag, and the bold bag.

The Understated Trendy Bag

Are you always on the cusp of the latest trends? Then a handbag from an emerging designer will be your bag of the moment. This bag will have a distinct structure and style; without a distinct logo. Those in-the-know will recognize your bag instantly, while those not in-the-know, will be left scratching their heads.

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The Quiet Status Bag

Does your bag show your status? If you wear your bag the way you drive your car, then your Hermes, Chanel, Louis, and Gucci will still be OK; just don’t flaunt them. If your bag is full of logos, then you are telling the world you are all flash and no cash. Stop trying to prove something to the world. In 2019, you can wear silent IT designers. Wear Chanel, just wear a quiet Chanel. Wear Louis, just wear a quiet Louis. You get the picture? There is no reason for the designer logo to be splashed all over your bag. It’s so last year, and so not #money.

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The Bold Handbag

Do you love standing out in the crowd? This year look for handbags that stand out. Perhaps a multi-colored, artistic handbag will be your go-to bag. Or, you might opt for a neon pink bag. If you want to get noticed, then look for a bright handbag that stands out. Your bag needs to shout “Look at Me!” not “Look at How Much I Cost!” That’s so last year.

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The economy is good, but individual people are not always good. Taxes have gone up, and wages have been stagnant or gone down. People have disposable income, but not as much as they did a few years ago. There is an overall feeling of being unsettled as global politics shifts to the far-left, and to the far-right; leaving the moderate middle feeling unsafe.

This unsettled political climate means fashion is more about self-expression, and less about showing off the price of something. Handbags will be the hardest hit by this shift as they are often thought of as the ultimate status item in a woman’s closet. In 2019, the handbag shifts from a status piece, to a form of telling the world who you are, or how you are feeling.

What are your thoughts? Are you still feeling the logo bag trend, or are you over it? Which type of bag will you wear this year?

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