Lightweight black cardigan and jeans for fall

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wearing: blue and silver earrings / fall sunglasses / lipstick / ivory 3/4 sleeve v-neck tee / third tier of convertible necklace / lightweight black cardigan sweater (under $70!!) / split hem jeans (sold out, also love this pair) / holiday nail polish / green and silver statement ring / black handbag / charcoal western style boots /

Happy Friday! This week was quite hectic, and I am so glad we are close to the weekend! For the past several weeks I have been struggling with my laptop. The keyboard starting acting up, and certain letters would only work after the laptop had been warmed up; then they would stop working when the laptop had been on for too long. It was turning into a complete nightmare.

My laptop was only about eighteen months old, so for the keyboard to be shot, seemed unlikely. I tried everything. I scanned for some weird keyboard virus, I uninstalled and reinstalled my firmware, I ran diagnostics; the works! Nothing seemed to the work. The keyboard was just plain shot after less than two years.

The laptop I had before the one with the bad keyboard, had only been eleven months old when it died from spilled tea on the keyboard. Well, can’t blame the laptop for that! BUT, the one before that had all sorts of performance issues, Wi-Fi connection issues, and more. So I went through three laptops in four years. That was an expensive four years!

So, since my keyboard was on the blink, I decided to investigate the possibility of switching from a PC to an Apple machine. My husband recently made the switch at work, so I checked out his laptop to see if it would suit my needs. I asked my friends for advice, and I did a ton of Internet research. All roads were pointing to an Apple laptop.

Two days before I wore this lightweight black cardigan and jeans to the mall to purchase my laptop, I was dead-set on getting an Apple. Then, I changed my mind. I do a lot of “print screen” tasks, which is weird on an Apple, and I enjoy the ease of a SD slot-which Apple no longer offers; and I also love my Windows products. I am used to a PC, and I have been a Windows user since the early 1990’s. Why did I want to make the switch? Was it because all the cool kids use Apple? Was it because bloggers love Apple and since I blog I should too? I love my iPhone, but I can’t use it for heavy photo editing or writing; it just isn’t made for that type of work. So I couldn’t base a laptop purchase on my love for a phone. Then, I found an article online which was talking about Microsoft’s Surface Pro laptop. Oooh! This might be what I need!

The Microsoft Surface laptop offers a clean Windows machine without all the fluff that clone laptop manufacturers install on their PC’s. It’s pure Windows. All I needed to add was security software, and Photoshop; then I would be set!

So, I went over to my local Microsoft store, and purchased a new Microsoft Surface laptop. I am in love! It was super easy to set up, and has a really huge hard drive of 1TB. I’m able to work quickly, and store a ton of photos both on my laptop, and on my cloud. I can insert my SD card into the laptop and transfer photos easily, as well as use the multiple ports for other devices. This machine is a workhorse, and it is perfect for heavy, multi-media use. I love it!

If you are like me, and have been wondering about a new laptop, I highly recommend this fabulous Microsoft laptop. I’ll keep you posted on how it fares over time. It does have a three year guarantee, which costs a little extra, and it guarantees Microsoft will replace it if anything other than theft happens; so I know I won’t have to buy a new laptop for at least three years! That is money saved right there after the last four years!

Of course, you might be wondering why I am talking about a laptop with photos of me in a lightweight black cardigan and jeans! Haha, well, I was going to write about this comfortable fall outfit, but I went off on a little tangent about my laptop adventure. Perhaps it is because this is the outfit I wore while buying my new laptop! I know, it’s still random. Apparently my brain needs the weekend. Three cheers for Friday!

Shop my lightweight black cardigan sweater and jeans outfit for fall:

What type of laptop are you using? What do you like or dislike about it?

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lightweight black cardigan for fallblack cardigan and jeans for fall

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