Current wish list

from top left: pre-fall heels / pale blue triangle bag / black boots / yellow bag / red bag / bucket bag /

Happy National Splurge Day! Well hopefully you have some extra cash burning a hole in your wallet-because today is the day to splurge on that special somethin’ somethin’ you have been eyeing for awhile, but haven’t pulled the trigger on.

I have been eyeing soooooo many pretty things! Of course, I can’t splurge on everything; I need to have money left in the bank for silly things like, well you know, food. haha That being said, I plan to pick one thing from this post to splurge on. Right now I am debating if I need these boots or this bag more. What do you think?

All the things I wish I could splurge on:

What do plan to splurge on today?

Thanks for stopping by and happy national splurge day!


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