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My family and I love to go hiking. It is such a fabulous way to explore nature, and sometimes, local history! In fact, we love being outdoors. All of my kids are in scouting, so they love to camp, hike, and just be outside. The one thing that drives me crazy about being outside, is that I get eaten alive by mosquitoes! It’s not just me, my kids do too!

We have tried everything to make our outdoor play-time comfortable; and mosquito bite free. Candles don’t seem to chase them away at outdoor mealtimes, and spraying on mosquito repellant is, well, quite repelling! Ew. I can’t stand the stickiness, the smell, and the need to shower as soon as I get home. Spray-on repellant always leaves me with dirt stuck to my skin too. It’s just gross. My kids feel the same way; I’m not alone in this thinking! That’s why I am so thankful for PARA’KITO!

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PARA’KITO mosquito repellant is a game changer. Instead of spraying sticky repellant on your skin, PARA’KITO has created a unique blend of essential oils, a patented slow-release technology, mosquito repellant pellet! These pellets can be inserted into sporty bracelets, and clip-ons. We love the bracelets! They are so easy to wear, and they keep all the mosquitoes away! Love that!

We recently explored a local hiking trail which showcases Saratoga’s quarry history. There were a few remaining artifacts from the quarry along the trail which made for some fun education for my kids. The trail is named the “Saratoga Quarry Park” and it also offers picnic tables, and a beach volleyball court. The views of the valley foothills is picturesque; and you can even see some small vineyards along the way!

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There is also a pond along the trail, and the Saratoga Creek runs through the parking area. Of course, where there is water, there are mosquitoes! So glad we were all wearing our PARA’KITO bracelets! They kept us bite free, and after the hike we were able to hop in the car and go out to lunch without worrying about stinking like mosquito repellant; or having dirt stuck on our arms!

The PARA’KITO pellets don’t just work in California’s climates. They can be worn in any climate, temperate weather, and even in tropical weather. Love that!

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