Aveda Texture Tonic review

aveda texture tonic review

pictured: c/o Aveda Texture Tonic

Do you ever try to create a tousled look, or add texture to your hair? I do! I always fail miserably though! So, when Aveda sent me their texture tonic, I was excited to give it a try!

Aveda’s Texture Tonic is a great tool for adding texture, without adding build-up to your hair. One of my pet peeves is using a hairstyling product which leaves residue, build-up and a greasy film. What I love about Aveda, is that their products leave none of this behind; and Aveda Texture Tonic is no exception. It leaves my hair lightweight, and clean. Love!

I don’t do a big beach hair look when I go for a little volume. I use Aveda Texture Tonic lightly to give my waves a little extra bounce, and definition. I really love the result!

If you are looking for volume, without bulk, you can find Aveda Texture Tonic online here.

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