Guerlain Meteorites Pearls review

products c/o of Guerlain: Meteorites Baby Glow Touch / Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls / makeup brush (so soft!! Love!!)

Guerlain is celebrating 30 years of their fabulous illuminating, and color-correcting Meteorites Pearls. To celebrate, they have introduced a special birthday edition of the famous Guerlain Meteorites Pearls for 2017. This special edition offers the same, well-loved Meteorites Pearls in a beautiful birthday package which looks so pretty on a vanity. This special edition is named the “Guerlain Meteorites Birthday Candle Pearls.” Love!

How pretty are these pearls!! I tend to prefer wearing powder alone, without foundation. I am prone to acne, so I only wear foundation for special occasions. My daily beauty routine consists of concealer over blemishes, blush, and powder. Although I have always admired Guerlain’s Meteorites Pearls from afar, I hadn’t tried them before. I was so thrilled to have the chance to try them out. I am hooked!

I used this beautiful pink makeup brush to apply the pearls. The brush is luxurious and soft; I need to get the blush version! This brush glides over the beautiful pearls, and helps apply the powder evenly across my face. I love the uplifting, illuminating look the powder offers me. This is my new go-to powder for my daily beauty routine! I love this pretty, pink, special edition casing. My daughters are already eyeing it in hopes of snagging it from me, but I have a good hiding place where they can’t find it. haha

How cute is this on-to-go Meteorites Baby Glow stick? This is a great highlighter in a compact package which fits nicely into my purse for touch-ups during the day; or for travel. I don’t want to throw my pearls into my suitcase, so this stick is perfect to use in lieu of the pearls while traveling. Love!

This whole collection is my new addiction. I highly recommend adding it to your routine! You can find the limited edition Guerlain Meteorites Pearls online here.

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*special thank you to Guerlain for partnering on this post by providing product samples for review

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