EOS shave cream review

EOS shave cream review

shaving cream c/o EOS from left: EOS shave cream in Tropical Fruit (online exclusive) / Lavender Jasmine / Pomegranate / Vanilla Bliss

EOS shave cream is a fabulous, affordable way to smoother legs! Unless you have lasered all your hair off, chances are, you shave your legs. These four fabulous smelling shaving creams from EOS are a great way to shave in the shower!

Since I grew up as a competitive swimmer, shaving was an important ritual. Before every important swim meet, such as state championships or nationals, I would shave my legs and my arms. Over time, I ended up testing out several shaving creams throughout the years, so when I find one which is conditioning, and non-drying, I take notice.

EOS shaving cream is a rich, non-foaming shave cream which allows you to see what you are shaving, while providing the exact protection you need to keep your legs safe from your razor. This shave cream is packed with conditioning oils, shea butter, vitamin E, and vitamin C. As a result, my legs are smooth and stubble-free. Love!

One feature I love with EOS shave cream is that the bottle is a pump. This makes it really easy to use in the shower since you don’t have to worry about the bottle slipping out of hands during application. The pump really is ingenious.

My favorite scent is the Tropical Fruit, followed by Vanilla Bliss. That being said, all four scents are amazing. I also love that EOS shave cream is priced under $5 each! Love that!

You can find EOS shave cream online here. Which scent is your favorite?

*thank you EOS for partnering on this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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