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Essie Speed Setter top coat review

pictured, both c/o Essie: portable iPhone charger / Essie Speed Setter top coat

I am so excited to talk about the new Essie Speed Setter top coat that just launched this month! As you know, I love to paint my nails. I often change my nail color, and enjoy playing with new colors. This can be a time consuming habit as I am also an extremely busy Mom!

With three kids, who have three sets of activities, and one of which I homeschool, I have my hands full. The last thing I have time to deal with, is a messed up manicure. After I paint my nails, I need to be able to get moving! Essie’s new Speed Setter top coat is a total game changer for me! It literally speed dries my mani! Love that!

The new Essie Speed Setter top coat not only speed dries my nails, it offers a high gloss shine which adds a bit of luxury to my nails. It also helps my nail polish last longer without chipping. This is key since my nails take a beating from house-cleaning, and being constantly on the go! You know the type of “on the go” I mean; when you don’t have time to take a breath or charge your phone! I literally have a case full of portable phone chargers to get me through life! haha

I’m in love with the new Essie Speed Setter top coat since it dries and hardens my mani in under one minute. I can continue with my life, and keep my kids on schedule; without worrying about my manicure chipping, smudging, or getting fabric imprints! (fabric imprints are so annoying!!) Love it!

You can find Essie Speed Setter online here.

Essie Speed Setter and summer nail polish colors:

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