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Clarisonic Mia Fit review

clarisonic mia fit review

Pictured: c/o Clarisonic Mia Fit in pink / c/o Lancome Creme Radiance

How cute is this little Clarisonic Mia Fit in pink! I am so excited to have the opportunity to talk to you about it.

I have always washed my face using clean hands, water, face wash, and my hands. One thing I have always noticed, is that I need to exfoliate; or deep clean. I have tried using exfoliating face washes, but they never seem to leave my skin as smooth as a spa facial; and those can get expensive!

The Clarisonic Mia Fit is such a cute, small version of the large Clarisonic facial skin cleansing system, which has been in stores for years. It always looked a little bit intimating to me, which is why I never tested one out. So when I heard about the Mia Fit by Clarisonic, I was so excited to give it try! It is compact, not intimidating, and extremely easy to use. Love that!

I am so happy I had a chance to use the Clarisonic Mia Fit in pink. After one use, my skin felt as smooth and clean as after a spa facial. I could not believe it! Facials run north of $100 a pop, so it is definitely something I don’t want to do more than once a month; plus they take over an hour! Now, every time I use my cute little Mia Fit by Clarisonic, my skin glows like I just walked out of a spa!

Since I don’t wear foundation unless it is a special occasion, this is perfect for my lifestyle. I like to have a wash-and-go face. The compact size of the Mia Fit makes it easy to use daily, plus it will be easy to pack and take with me on vacation! Love!

The Clarisonic Mia Fit is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on now through August 5, 2016. So for a limited time, you can grab one on sale here! Love that! You can also find the Mia Fit in more colors below. Thanks for stopping by, and stay fabulous 😉