Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet review

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Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet shown over Chanel Sunrise Trip

Chanel Le Top Velvet is a new matte top coat from Chanel. I have always wanted to try out a matte top coat, but I was afraid of what it might look like. I love shiny nails, so the thought of doing my nails, and then slipping a matte top over my work, and not liking it, freaked me out a bit!

I decided if this was something I was going to try, I was going to try a matte top coat by Chanel. So I bought Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet, and gave the matte look a try!

Chanel Sunrise Trip is a dark purple nail polish, and I thought making a darker polish matte would look pretty. I am so glad I tried this on a dark nail polish! Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet did a great job making my shiny, Sunrise Trip nail polish matte, and velvety. Love it!

Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet went on smoothly, and a few seconds after application, I could watch my nails transform from super shiny, to luxurious matte. I fell in love!

I was afraid the matte top coat would be rough to the touch, but Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet is soft, and smooth; just like velvet! I love the effect, and next time, I plan to try it out over a light nail polish to see how it looks.

I tested out Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet with one base coat, and two coats of Chanel Sunrise Trip. I love how it looks, and I feel like I will wear the matte top coat over Sunrise Trip this spring instead of keeping it shiny. It looks like purple velvet on my fingertips. It’s fun and I love it!

Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet added strength to my nail polish. It lasted a full week without chipping. The only reason I changed my nail polish was because my nails started to grow; and I like to keep changing my nail polish 😉

The matte nail look is definitely a fun way to change up how my nail polish looks this spring season. I am looking forward to testing it out with different nail polish colors this spring; as well as into the summer season.

Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet is selling out fast, you can still find it online here and here.

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