Francesca Liberatore spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

Francesca Liberatore spring 2016 NYFW francesca liberatore nyfw spring 2016 francesca liberatore spring summer 2016 new york fashion week francesca liberatore spring summer 2016 nyfw francesca liberatore ss16 nyfw

Photos: Cathy OBrien/Bay Area Fashionista 2015©

Francesca Liberatore sent her spring/summer 2016 collection down the New York Fashion Week runway on September 12, 2015 at the Skylight Moynihan in New York. For the spring season, Francesca Liberatore explored the human heart, and took inspiration from the heart’s true nature; and all of it’s facets.

She looked deeper than the traditional concept of romance normally associated with the heart. Instead, Francesca Liberatore looked at each individual heart and it’s capacity to express all of itself. These expressions included obsession, hate, possession, love, desire, domination, devotion, and more!

The Francesca Liberatore spring 2016 collection expressed this inspiration using textiles such as silk, chiffon, and tulle which are fluid. The use of hand drawn hearts throughout the collection were embroidered or detailed with Swarovski crystals which sparkled and radiated on the runway.

There was a touch of menswear inspiration on lapels, waistlines, and intentional seams which help to form a strong silhouette, celebrating the feminine form.  The Francesca Liberatore spring 2015 collection also included a natural color palette of true orange, sangria, persimmon, black, white and bold shades of pink. All of the artwork was created by Francesca Liberatore herself.

Although romance was not part of Francesca Liberatore spring 2016 inspiration, there was a small touch of it as models glided down the runway in flowing fabrics; which were a touch ethereal with an edge.

I fell in love with the use of color and prints; the dresses were nothing short of amazing! I wish my pictures had turned out better. I was in the second row and for some reason it was hard to get around the heads in front of me! Thankfully, you can view the Francesca Liberatore spring 2016 collection in it’s entirety below.

The orange dresses, both solid colored and print, were among my favorite pieces in the collection. The orange lace was beautiful!

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