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LaVanila Pure Vanilla roller ball review

lavanilla vanilla roller bal review

Pictured: c/o LaVanila Pure Vanilla roller ball

LaVanila has quickly become one of my favorite fragrance lines. As a vanilla junkie, I love anything with vanilla in it. Of course, LaVanila is my favorite way to wear vanilla since their fragrances are made from natural ingredients.

This year, I tried LaVanila’s Vanilla Coconut and Vanilla Grapefruit, and fell in love with both of them. Surprisingly, I had not tried LaVanila’s Pure Vanilla yet. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test out the LaVanila Pure Vanilla roller ball; especially since I have never tried a roller ball fragrance before!

LaVanila Pure Vanilla roller ball is a great way to wear vanilla. In addition to offering a rich, fresh, and long lasting vanilla fragrance experience, the roller ball makes the application easy, and mess-free. Love that!

The roller ball will also come in handy for air travel since it meets TSA requirements for size. It also fits nicely in a handbag, or desk drawer for keeping at the office.

The LaVanila Pure Vanilla roller ball combines fragrance notes of Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Freesia, and Heliotrope. The overall fragrance experience is warm and cozy; perfect for moderate to cool weather. Pure Vanilla by LaVanila offers a medium scent, so it is easy to wear in tight quarters such as the theater, or office.

The LaVanila Pure Vanilla roller ball can be found online here.

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