Chanel Desirio nail polish spring 2015 review

Chanel Desirio nail polish spring 2015

Pictured: Chanel Desirio nail polish for spring 2015. Two coats of color, one base coat, no top coat. 

Chanel Desirio nail polish is a bright fuchsia hue from Chanel spring 2015 beauty collection. This bright fuchsia is on the dark side and can be a substitute for red this spring season. Chanel Desirio is also a good nail polish to wear with this season’s bright colors. Love it!

For spring 2015, designers are showing pastels, muted colors, true colors and brights. When it comes to color tone, there are no rules for spring! This means you can choose a color tone you love and stick with it for the season. If you love bright colors, true colors and muted hues, Chanel Desirio nail polish will work well with all of those color tones. It is also a great alternative for red this spring 2015 season if you prefer to keep your nails classic; but are tired of red after the holiday season.

I tested Chanel Desirio nail polish with two coats of color and one base coat; no top coat. The nail polish lasted for five days before chipping. I really enjoy wearing this color. It worked well with my current, winter wardrobe; and I can tell it will work well with my upcoming spring wardrobe. It is an easy color to wear and looks great day or night. Love that!

Chanel Desirio nail polish is also a good nail color for wearing from spring into summer. If you want one nail polish color to stay with through both seasons, this is the color to reach for. It’s bright nature will easily carry you through spring 2015’s color palette’s into summer 2015’s color wheel. 

Chanel Desirio nail polish can be found online here, here and here.

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