Nars Barents Sea nail polish winter 2015 review

nars barents sea nail polish winter

Pictured: Nars Barents Sea nail polish for winter 2015

The winter 2015 nail polish collection from Nars is absolutely amazing. All three colors, Alogonquin, Sherwood and Barents Sea, offer beautiful pigmentation in purple and blue hues. Love that!

Nars Barents Sea is a fabulous cobalt blue nail polish which includes a vibrant, shiny sheen. Barents Sea by Nars offers depth; making other luxury cobalt nail polishes look dull in comparison. This is the ultimate blue nail polish for blue nail polish fans. I am in love!

I tested out Nars Barents Sea nail polish with two coats of color and one base coat. It lasted a full seven days before chipping. Love that! 

Nars Barents Sea nail polish is from the “Laced with Edge” nail polish collection by Nars for the winter season. It is limited edition and selling out fast! This is definitely the perfect cobalt nail polish hue to own as we move into 2015. Although Marsala is the color of the year, shades of blue are very important colors for the spring/summer 2015 season. This means Barents Sea by Nars is a great nail polish to be wearing as we move from winter into resort and into spring. It will transition easily and work well with the upcoming, warm weather color palette. Love it!

You can still find Barents Sea by Nars online here and here. Move on it fast, it is selling out!

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