Box handbags for fall 2014

boxy box handbags

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Box handbags are a new, up and coming trend this fall 2014 season. Designers in New York, Paris, Milan and London have introduced boxy handbag styles for the cool weather season; and are also showing box handbags for the upcoming spring 2015 season. Box handbags are being shown in many different styles including squares, rectangles and small trunks.

The box handbag is a structured, dressy handbag style which looks amazing with dressy outfits, office attire and evening wear; not including semi-formal or formal attire. This neat and tidy handbag style has also been spotted on the streets; making its’ way into the hands of attendees during fashion week, in all locales.

Box handbags have a retro flair to them which makes them look perfect with midi skirts, and fit and flare dresses. Box handbags also look appropriate with conservative office attire such as suiting, trousers, and pencil skirts. In addition to retro flair, the current trend in handbags is simplicity. With this current trend of minimalism in handbags, it is no wonder that box handbags are gaining popularity. They are simple and sleek!

I have been eyeing the box handbag trend for a few months now and cannot decide if I want to splurge on a square or rectangle box. I have had my eye on this one by Building Block. I love the simple shape and sleek leather. 

The rectangles tend to have more space inside of them since they seem to be falling into the medium size handbag category. The square box handbags designers have been showing for fall 2014 and spring 2015 tend to fall into the small handbag category; although, a few are being shown in larger, medium sizes.

Box handbags are a chic and modern alternative to the satchel this season, and are the current “IT” silhouette for a cross-body bag. When shopping for a box handbag this season, look for a convertible style which can be a satchel or cross body bag. Two for one; love that!

What do you think of the box handbag trend? I found a few amazing box handbags around the web and placed them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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