Christian Louboutin Lova nail polish review

Christian Louboutin Lova Christian Louboutin nail polish

Pictured: Christian Louboutin nail polish “Lova” taken in early morning sun. 2014©

Christian Louboutin nail polish is the first real fusion between high heels and nails. Inspired by the original red nail polish Christian Louboutin snatched from the hands of a co-worker to paint the soles of a pair of high heels, Christian Louboutin introduced a collection of nail polish in noirs, nudes and pops for the fall 2014 season. One of The “Pops” is “Lova.”

When Christian Louboutin first annouced he was launching a line of nail laquers, I was intrigued. I always love gazing at his collection of high heels; even if they are not always practical enough for my own wardrobe. As the owner of two pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, I already am a fan of work, and as a fan of nail polish, this launch excited me!

Christian Louboutin first introduced a red nail polish hue to kick off his collection which matched the trademark red soles of his shoe collection. As someone who owns way too many bottles of red nail polish, I passed on this initial launch. When the next wave of colors came out from Christian Louboutins’ nail polish collection, I was thrilled! I love the collection of nudes, noirs and pops the famed shoe designer introduced for the fall season.

From the collection of pops, I chose this beautiful purple hue named “Lova.” “Lova” by Christian Louboutin is a fabulous, bright purple color which can easily be worn during any season of the year. The color looks amazing with fall’s berry color palette; as well as with shades of blue. Since varying shades of blue is going to be an important color trend for the upcoming spring 2015 season, Christian Louboutin “Lova” nail polish is the perfect hue to both blend and contrast with this upcoming trend.

The application process for Christian Louboutin nail polish is little bit different than traditional nail polishes on the market. Instead of a short handle for holding while applying the nail polish, I had to actually hold the stiletto shaped top. It is a little bit difficult to maneuver because in addition to the long top, the brush is shorter than other nail polish brushes I am accustomed to using when I paint my nails. Although the brush was a bit challenging for me, I persevered and was able to adapt by dipping the brush more often.

Christian Louboutin “Lova” nail polish ended up looking beautiful after two coats of color. I used one base coat and did not use a top coat. The color turned out even and saturated; extremely beautiful! Although I did receive a tiny chip on my index finger within twenty-four hours of wearing Christian Louboutin “Lova” nail polish, I did not receive any additional chips or cracks. The nail polish lasted for one week and looked fabulous! I look forward to testing out more nail polish hues from Christian Louboutin this season; and in future seasons!

Christian Louboutin “Lova” nail polish, and the entire collection, can be found online here and here.

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