From top: Blue handbag / Asymetrical clutch / Black and white clutch / Hard box clutch

Lamarca is a hot new online shop which carefully curates pieces from the hottest emerging designers around the globe. In addition to featuring pieces from emerging designers, Lamarca gives shoppers and Fashionistas everywhere a snapshot in the featured designers’ inspirations, experiences and personalities which ultimately help shape their creativity and collections. 

The designs curated by Lamarca transcend trends and reflect the personal style of the website’s shoppers. This collective buying site is perfect for trendsetters who enjoy being on the cutting edge of everything fashion. Lamarca is currently in the alpha stages of development, so fashion-forward shoppers can look forward to the website growing exponentially and including many more luxurious, emerging designers.

The way Lamarca, a collective buying site, works is through crowd funding. When you find a beautiful piece on Lamarca’s website, you can choose it and share it around the web with your friends and followers. As soon as enough shoppers select the piece, the designer will ship it out to everyone who ordered it. This process helps emerging designers sell their products while enabling them to provide excellent prices to shoppers. If a piece does not receive the required number of backers, you will receive a refund for the product. If the product does receive the required number of backers, it will be shipped for free within one week! Love that!

I absolutely love the collection Lamarca has curated thus far; and am looking forward to watching the site grow and include more designers. One of my favorite ways to stand out in the crowd or add a little spice to my wardrobe is through a handbag. Lamarca’s handbag collection is unique and cutting edge, which makes each piece the perfect addition to any wardrobe. These handbags will capture the attention of onlookers and instantly speak of one’s own personal style. Love that!

In the photo above you will find my four favorite pieces from Lamarca’s current collection. The box clutch is extremely special since it can be worn day into evening. Although it has an edgy style, the box clutch is an instant classic addition to any handbag collection. I definitely have my eye on it!

To learn more about Lamarca’s inspiration, please visit To shop Lamarca’s collections, please visit and use coupon code BAYFASH15 to save 15% off your order now through August 31, 2014.

*Brought to you by Lamarca. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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