Chanel Atmosphere nail polish for fall 2014 review


Pictured: Chanel Atmosphere nail polish from the fall 2014 beauty collection. Shown with two coats of color, one base coat and no top coat. Photo taken in mid-morning, direct sun. 2014©

Chanel “Atmosphere” is one of two nude nail polish colors from Chanel’s fall 2014 beauty collection. This fresh twist on a nude nail color offers the bare sleekness of a nude, with the spicy flair of a pink iridescent overlay. The result is a versatile, pale hue which plays well with all color palettes and prints during any season. Love that!

Chanel “Atmosphere” nail polish is a sheer nail color which allows any nail imperfections you have to show through. For more nail coverage, I would recommend using one coat of a pale pink or white nail polish underneath “Atmosphere” in order to cover up any discolorations on your nail or to cover the tips of your nails.

I tested out Chanel “Atmosphere” for one week and the nail polish held up really well. I only received one chip on my thumb over the course of seven days. Love it!

“Atmosphere” nail polish by Chanel is a great nail polish color to try if you have always wanted to try a nude nail polish but felt like the colors available were too pale or downright boring. The iridescent finish on Chanel “Atmosphere” nail polish makes the overall color interesting and less like a traditional nude nail polish which is generally a flat pale pink or beige.

Chanel “Atmosphere” nail polish from the fall 2014 beauty collection can be found online here and here.

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