Suede, nubuck and faux-suede handbags for fall 2014

There is a new handbag trend in town; and this one takes a cue from vintage handbag styles of the 1970s. Suede, nubuck and faux-suede are popping up on handbags for fall 2014; and this trend is proving to be the hottest up-and-comer since the mini bag. While fringe, mini-satchels and backpacks all have their place in fall the 2014 handbag line-up; the suede handbag is the unexpected star of the pack. The soft, inviting fabrication offers vintage appeal while offering a fresh alternative to the basic leather, faux leather, exotic skins and canvas we have been seeing on handbags over the past decade.

Suede, and suede-like fabrications including nubuck, faux-suede and ultra-suede, offer a casual, relaxed vibe which is welcome in the world right now. As un-fussy handbags have moved to the forefront of fashion, sans logos and extra finishes, suede offers texture to a simple style while adding warmth and remaining understated.

In addition to adding depth to an understated handbag style, suede also adds an authentic vintage feel to fringe handbags; another nod to the 1970s. Designers are also using suede, and suede-like fabrics, for blocking and trim on handbags. This adds dimension and texture without always adding a contrasting color to a bag.

Since suede is casual in nature, this is a great trend to have some fun with during the fall season. Look for fall 2014 colors such as dark teal, hunter green, brown, black, grey and luxurious deep purple. These colors will work well with autumn’s overall color palette and add an instant update to your wardrobe. Love that!

I found a few fabulous suede, nubuck, faux-suede and ultrasuede handbags around the web and assembled into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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  • Chelsea S.

    I think suede handbags are soft and luxurious looking but I agree they don’t hold up in weather

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