Chanel Tapage nail polish for spring 2014 review


Photo: Chanel Tapage nail polish for spring 2014. Photo taken in early morning sunlight. Two coats of color, one base coat, no top coat.

Chanel Tapage nail polish is one of two nail polish colors from Chanel for the spring 2014 season. This bright, dark coral color offers a red hue with pink undertones. Tapage by Chanel is the ultimate color for a Fashionista who is seeking a classic yet fashion-forward nail polish color for the upcoming spring 2014 season.

The spring 2014 season is all about rainbow colors; especially shades of pink, purple, blue and green! In addition to vivid hues, pastels are hot for spring and many designers are still holding onto neon hues for the upcoming warm weather season. This makes Chanel Tapage nail polish a great color for spring. The light-hearted, reddish-coral hue blends well with spring 2014’s color palette allowing you to change your color story from bright hues to pastels to neon shades without worrying about your nail polish color clashing with your apparel. Love that!

I tested Chanel Tapage out with two coats of color and one base coat; no top coat. The polish last six days before chipping. Chanel Tapage is a cream nail polish with a high shine which gives it a little bit more dimension than your average cream nail polish. 

Chanel Tapage nail polish for spring 2014 is priced at $27 and can be found online here.

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