Chanel Charivari spring 2014 nail polish review


Photo: Chanel Charivari nail polish from the spring 2014 nail polish collection. Photo taken one hour after sunrise, clear skies, light sunlight. This is the true color. Online shopping websites are showing the hue as lighter; it is this dark! Wearing two coats of color, one base coat, no top coat.

Chanel Charivari nail polish is the hot new “IT” color from Chanel’s spring 2014 beauty collection. This deep plum color is perfect for early spring when temperatures are cool and Fashionistas everywhere are still wearing heavier, dark winter clothing. The plum hue shown in the above photo is the actual color. Many online shopping website are showing the color as a light plum; it is a dark plum! 

Charivari by Chanel for spring 2014 is a beautiful dark plum/purple color which plays well with shades of blue, green, pink, purple,neutrals, black and of course, metallic hues. The hue works well with winter 2014’s color palette as well as the bright hues from resort 2014 and the medium shades of spring 2014. Love that!

I wore Chanel Charivari for one week and began to see chips on  the sixth day. I used one base coat and two coats of color; no top coat. The nail polish stayed on quite well considering I did a lot of housecleaning and also wore it on a ski trip. I would love to test Chanel Charivari nail polish out with a matte top coat. I think this color would look amazing matte. 

Chanel Charivari nail polish from Chanel’s spring 2014 beauty collection is priced at $27 and can be found online here and here.


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