The return of the cutout bootie for spring 2014

Cutouts on booties, boots and sandals dominated the runways in New York, Milan, London and Paris for spring/summer 2014. This gladiator inspired style has been moving in and out of fashion for the past several years, and after a minor lapse, the style has re-emerged for spring 2014 as one of the most important shoe styles (besides the stacked heel) for the spring and summer 2014 seasons.

Cutouts are everywhere for spring 2014. We are seeing them mostly on booties as early spring merchandise hits store shelves; but as the season matures, we will see cutouts on everything from sandals to pumps. If you already wore the cutout trend in a past season, pull those booties, sandals, gladiator sandals and boots out from the back of your closet; they are hot again! If not, this is a good trend to invest in for the 2014 year. Cutout booties will carry you through spring, summer and the warm temperatures in fall 2014. 

The cutout shoe was favored by designers for spring 2014 since the trend in fashion is going towards a more earthy vibe. We are seeing tribal influences, “retro hippie styles” and soft, flowing fabrics. These types of trends in apparel call for a less structured shoe which is more casual in nature. The cutout style works well in this moment since it offers a casual look which blends well with the seasons’ prints, tribal styles and earthy vibe.

When shopping for cutouts on shoes this season, pay close attention to the sole and the heel. The sole should be flat and the heel should be thick or stacked. Look for wooden tones on heels, even with black fabrications. This is not a season for spiked heels! The thicker the heel the better! Also look for sculptured heels and polished “wood-like”grains. 

I found a few fabulous spring 2014, cutout booties around the web which fit perfectly into this fabulous shoe trend. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉


5 thoughts on “The return of the cutout bootie for spring 2014

  • Ariel G.

    I love this trend. Thankfully I have a black pair in my closet from two years ago. I might need to add another pair for the spring though!

  • Jenny B.

    This makes me all warm inside because it means I can wear my Gucci ones for another season, phew, turned out to be a good purchase afterall, haha.

    Happy new year Cathy!

    • CathyLSG Post author

      Happy New Year Jenny! Looking forward to seeing pic’s of those Gucci shoes 😉 They sound fab!!!

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