Trends from the New York Fashion Week runways for spring/summer 2014

New York Fashion Week for spring/summer 2014 has come to an end. As the last model packs up and heads home, the fashion world is left with a whole new set of trends to contemplate for the upcoming warm weather season. Here are several key new and continuing trends to watch for from the spring/summer 2014 runways in New York:

Mesh and sheer details: Designers love mesh for spring 2014! Look for mesh tops, bottoms and detailing.

Modified Gladiator sandals: This sandal is back! For spring 2014 the straps are beige shown in varying widths reaching up to the bottom of the knee. The soles are flat and there is no heel.

Printed/patterned handbags: Printed and patterned handbags dominated the New York runways for spring 2014! Look for handbags matching dresses and shoes. Matching is back.

Large soft clutches: Designers still love clutches! Unlike the clutches of 2013, spring is bringing us large, soft clutches both structured and slouchy. Get ready to carry your bag!

Knee length full skirts: This feminine silhouette dominated the landscape at fashion week. One had to wonder if many of these skirts were hiding a crinoline underneath! Don’t worry, there weren’t any poodle dogs on the skirts, just solid colors and modern prints. 

Mini skirt/dresses: 60’s swing bay-bee! Little, mini shift dresses and skirts were mixed in with 50’s full skirts on the runways for spring 2014. Look for hemlines which barely cover for the spring season.
Pointed toe: The pointed toe continues and dominated the runways for spring 2014. Look for pointed toe flats and pumps for spring 2014.

Black/white: Although a classic color combination, black/white stripes and prints  enjoyed their own grouping in many collections for spring 2014. If you have been rocking this trend in 2013, you are set for 2014! Just make sure you are not color blocking. Fashion-faux-pas!

Large Stripes: Large stripes are huge for spring 2014! Look for stripes in neutral hues and classic black and white.

Vest: Vests are the new jacket as we move into spring 2014. Top off everything from dresses to jeans with a statement vest.
Mixed prints: This trend is showing no sign of slowing down as we move into 2014. Look for mixed prints and color stories on everything from dresses to skirts to tops. Mix it up!

Sophisticated medium sized florals: Florals are a springtime staple, but for spring 2014 florals have grown up. The flowers shown in floral prints are medium in size, sometimes painterly, and anything but sweet. Look for sassier floral prints than in past season.

Soft yet vivid colors: Gone are the days of the neon craze. Colors are still vivid as we move into 2014, but you do not require sunglasses to view them. Enjoy the rainbow.
Orange lips: Designers favored the orange lip for spring 2014 during New York Fashion Week. Look for varying shades as we move into spring 2014.
Bermuda shorts: Who needs short-shorts? Knee length shorts are back and some designers dared to show them worn with socks and sandals! eek! Just say “no” to wearing socks with sandals. PLEASE! I beg you!
Nail art: The trend of wearing artwork and mini-masterpieces on your fingertips is staying strong as we move into spring 2014. Look for anything that moves you; and put it on your nails!
Fringe: Fringe belts, details and more graced the runways in New York for spring 2014. Look for statement pieces with fringe as well as smaller details.

White accessories: White has been hot for fall 2013, but for spring 2014 it is even hotter! Look for white shoes, handbags and more as we move into 2014.

Double side slits: Maxi skirts offered more of a breeze on the  spring 2014 runways than in past seasons. Look for double side slits from designers for the new year.

It should be interesting to see which of these trends appear on the runways in London, Paris and Milan. What is your favorite trend from the runway in New York?


Photo: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©