Top facial sunscreens for summer 2013

Summer is fast approaching, which means we will all be spending a lot of time in the sun! Unfortunately, this also means the sun will be hitting our faces; which is not really a good thing.

Although we all feel a little better when we have some color on our faces from the warm sun, the rays can damage our skin. Thankfully, there are several sunscreens on the market right now which protect our face from the evil rays of the sun without giving us teenage acne and clogged pores. Love that!

I spend a lot of time in the sun; both swimming and playing tennis. Due to this fact, I have tested A LOT of different sunscreens. I have sensitive skin and several allergies to cosmetics; so finding the right sunscreen for my face was difficult! This took a lot of testing and patience.

Using free samples from beauty counters and a few store bought bottles, I have selected my favorite all-time facial sunscreens just for you!

To shop my sunscreen picks, please use the shopping widget below and click on the photo of the product you are interested in-and shop away! Hope you love my picks!

Happy shopping, stay safe in the sun, and of course, stay fabulous! 

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