Street Style Trends: stacked bracelets

One of the biggest and most popular jewelry trends of-the-moment is the stacked bracelet trend. This trend began to gain popularity a few years ago when Fashionistas on the street started to pile on multiple bracelets at a time. The trend caught on quickly and soon marketers began showing stacked bracelets in advertisements and magazine spreads.

Stacking bracelets becomes even more prevalent in warmer months since warm weather allows for ¾ sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless attire. This means right now is the time to start stacking up those bracelets if you have not already been doing so!

Stacked bracelets are a fun trend. This street style trend allows you to express yourself and add your own personality to casual clothing, office attire or any ensemble you put together. Love that!

Bracelets can have special meanings too. Perhaps you have a bracelet which you received as a gift, or purchased to benefit a cause. Stacking up these special moments on your wrist can evoke good memories and thoughts throughout the day as well as make a conversation starter. 

When stacking up your arm with bracelets, look for metals which blend well together and colors that do not clash. Texture and dimension can also help make a great bracelet stack.

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Photos from top:
1) C/O Twisted Silver “3 Bangle” bracelets and “Jumbo Bracelet”
2) C/O Twisted Silver “Jumbo Bracelet,” Swank” bracelet and “Kilter” bracelet.
3) Tory Burch leather wrap bracelet, C/O Twisted Silver “Netizien” bracelet and “Stardust” bracelet.

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Photo credits: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2012/2013©