American Heart Association: National Walking Day

In our modern society, we drive to the bus stop, we drive to the train station, we drive to work, we drive to school-well, you get the picture  One hundred years ago, everyone walked everywhere. Nowadays, everyone drives, gets driven, or finds a passive way to travel from one place to another.

Humans were meant to walk. Our bodies need to walk; it helps us stay healthy and active. Walking also reduces the risk of heart disease and helps to maintain cardiovascular health. So, to remind ourselves and society how important it is to walk, ditch the vehicle and walk today!

The American Heart Association’s National Walking Day is a fabulous way to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, breath in some fresh air and get healthy. In honor of National Walking Day, everyone is encouraged to wear sneakers or walking shoes and leave the car keys at home. If you must drive, take a 30 minute walk today not only for yourself, but to help raise awareness about the importance of physical activity. Love this!

Tell your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors-everyone! Spread the word! Today is the day to wear sneakers and go outside for a fabulous walk! Now step away from the computer and/or mobile device and go outside and take a walk! 

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