Daily Archives: August 23, 2012

Red for fall 2012 is hotter than ever

Red is a classic color which always has a place in fashion. Although the fashion world can look forward to shades of red for the holiday 2012 season, red has decided to become a bit more prominent at an earlier date this year; that’s right, red is hot for fall.

Red hot red is on fire for the cool weather season and it is not just darker shades of red such as burgundywhich are making an impact this autumn season. Bright and fiery red is also on trend for fall 2012; and the bright hue is making no apologies.

Red is popping up everywhere and on everything for the fall season. There are bright red lips, red fingertips, red accessories, red apparel and even red jewelry. This outgoing hue is being shown both alone and as part of digital prints, color blocking and as an accent color.

Since red is a classic color which pops up every year for the holiday season, it is one color which should be easy to find in your closet at home. Look for bright red shades which can stand alone or be color blocked for a modern update.
Not that into red but feel like rocking the trend anyway? Red nail polish is an easy way to wear red in an understated fashion and also red gemstone jewelry makes a great investment while making a small statement.

What is your favorite way to wear red? Is this a color you love and relate to? Or would you prefer to stick to fall 2012’s darker red hued family; shades of burgundy? Whichever way you choose to wear red, you are sure to be noticed and to make a fabulous, fashionable statement.