Leather cuffs and bracelets for summer into fall

Leather cuffs and leather bracelets have been huge the past few seasons. Although, for summer 2012 and for fall 2012 leather cuffs and leather bracelets are exploding as arguably the most popular bracelet style on the street.

While not dominant on the runways, designers and jewelry brands alike have been designing and selling their own versions of the rocker chic leather bracelet. Fashionistas have flocked to the jewelry style over the past few seasons and the trend has taken off for summer 2012 and fall 2012.

Leather cuffs and bracelets have been shown in every color, type of leather and faux leather imaginable. Exotic skins, plain leather and faux leather are being shown on hard cuffs, soft bracelets and soft wrap bracelets.

Cuff bracelets which are made from leather are mainly being shown in smooth, understated styles. The unembellished cuffs are usually made from metal and feature leather or faux leather stretched around the outside to create a non-shiny, understated jewelry piece which is colorful and playful.

Bracelets made from leather and faux leather are anything but plain. Leather bracelets are shown with studs and embellishments for summer and fall. Leather bracelets for summer and fall offer rock n’ roll style as well as hardcore chic. The bracelets are shown as a traditional, once around style or as a wrap style which can go around the wrist anywhere from two to four times.

Leather cuffs and leather bracelets are also popular on the street as part of the stacked bracelet trend. Fashionistas love to stack about three bracelets on their arms and in general, one of these bracelets is made from leather and offers a spiky, rock n’ roll feel.

Leather bracelets also happen to be comfortable and are a great way to add a little sass and an edgy feel to any casual ensemble. We love them with fall’s leather legging trend! Love this! We found a few fabulous leather cuffs and bracelets from around the web, including a couple from Prada, and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. Hope you love it! Happy shopping and stay fabulous