Catch your dreams with Twisted Silver’s Dream Catcher necklace

Twisted Silver has devised a way for you to catch your dreams! Love this! The Bay Area jewelry designer has created a beautiful “Dream Catcher” necklace which will enable every Fashionista to capture her good dreams and let bad dreams disappear.

The Dream Catcher necklace is more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. Not only is Twisted Silver’s Dream Catcher necklace made from organic wood, raw brass and suede, it harkens back to a time when Native Americans were united during the Pan-Indian movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The original “Dreamcatcher” necklaces were designed by Native American’s, more specifically the Ojibwa Nation. The “Dreamcatcher” symbolized unity during the Pan-Indian Movement of the 60’s and 70’s. Although they were a symbol of unity, the history behind the Dreamcatcher originates from the traditions of the Ojibwa Nation.

“Dreamcatchers” were objects which were made from personal and sacred items. The Native American version was handmade and based upon a willow hoop which had a woven net within the hoop. The net was then decorated with personal and sacred items which helped infants, children and adults get a good night’s sleep. The theory was that bad dreams would pass through the holes in the net and the good dreams would be captured in the net, slide through the personal items in the web and transfer to the person.

Twisted Silver’s version of the “Dream Catcher” necklace offers a modern design and can easily be worn on a daily basis to help enable you to capture the greatest dreams imaginable. To top it off, the necklace looks amazing and will easily spice up any casual outfit, making it the perfect everyday statement piece which is sure to start conversations! Love that!

Twisted Silver’s Dream Catcher necklace debuts online today and can be found for $60 at Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. Happy shopping, capture your dreams and stay fabulous 


Photos courtesy of Twisted Silver

History behind Dreamcatchers from Wikipedia.

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