Jelly shoes for summer are hot and back with a bang

Jelly shoes were hot in the late 1970’s and children everywhere could be spotted wearing their favorite colored jelly shoes to school, the park and the beach. Well, for summer 2012 jelly shoes are back and they are hotter than ever. For summer 2012, jelly shoes are making a bang with grown up styles, sophisticated runway embellishments and are meant for anything except playing on the monkey bars.

Jelly shoes for summer 2012 are being shown mainly in flats and sandal styles. Of course, there is the occasional jelly wedge and jelly high heel sandal which can be found on store shelves, but the main trend this season is a flat, more casual jelly shoe.

When one thinks of a jelly shoe, one pictures a casual style which can easily be worn as an alternative to flip flops at the beach or a picnic. The jelly shoes being shown for summer 2012 are more than a casual alternative to the flip flop. Jelly shoes for summer 2012 are the perfect alternative to flats, sandals and shoes one would normally wear to lunch, the mall, and a movie; or anywhere on a warm summer day.

In addition to being the hot alternative to a traditional shoe, jelly shoes are not made with leather; making them a fashionable option for vegans or any Fashionista looking to stock less leather in her closet. Jelly shoes are also perfect for summer rain as well as looking fabulous by the pool and on the beach. Since jelly shoes are made from plastic, they are the easiest shoes to keep clean and will remain looking shiny and new for the entire season. Love that!

We found a few fabulous jelly shoes for summer 2012 around the web and assembled them into the Polyvore set below. Hope you love them! Happy shopping and stay fabulous