How to navigate the spring sales to benefit your fall wardrobe

May is the last month for spring shopping. As the hot weather rolls in and fall merchandise begins to grace store shelves, this is the month when spring merchandise begins to go on sale. Since this is the end of spring, May is not always a good month for buying seasonal items at full price; unless it is a must-have item and there is only one left in your size.

As spring merchandise begins to get marked down and fall starts taking over the mall, this is a good time to take advantage of lower prices. What is it that you need? Do you need warm weather clothing for a trip or the summer in general? If you have already filled up your spring/summer wardrobe, the spring sales are a good time to find transitional pieces which fit into the fall trends and color palette.

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, fall weather is just as warm, and sometimes warmer, than the spring months. This can be true in other parts of the country as well. Since the weather is warm, Fashionistas tend to reach for their spring/summer wardrobes well into November. So finding spring/summer pieces which reflect the fall trends and not the weight of fall clothing is key to saving money on one’s fall wardrobe and being comfortable in the fall months.

Here are few fabulous items from spring/summer which can be found on sale right now, and within the next month, that will fit perfectly into the fall trends:

1)      Black satchel: the black satchel is a classic handbag, and also happens to be hot for fall. Look for small or medium sized bags which also fit perfectly into the small handbag trend.

2)      Yellow gold: Yellow gold is the metal of choice for fall. Look for costume or fine jewelry in yellow metal. Gold, brass and copper are all perfect metals for fall as long as they have a yellow tone.

3)      The pointed toe: Pointed toe shoes are hot for fall. Look for pumps and sling-backs with closed toes on sale from spring. These silhouettes will be perfect for fall. Just make sure you stay away from neon hues and springtime pastels 

4)      Studs: The rock and roll trend is still hot, and this fall there will be spikes, studs and metal embellishments on everything from shoes to handbags to jackets. Looks for understated metal embellishments. Overdoing the studs is tired and from a few seasons ago. Look for edges trimmed with studs or small studs which are all over the item.

5) Shades of dark blue: Dark blue and light navy are replacing spring’s yellow as the new “neutral” color for the season. Look for sale items which are navy or a deep shade of dark blue.

6)      Fall colors: Thankfully Pantone gave us a sneak peek into fall’s colors, this is a big help while navigating the spring sales. Look for shades from the chart below:


If you must buy something right now from a spring/summer collection at full price, make sure you hold on to your receipt and ask the store about their price adjustment policy. This will help you obtain the sale price if what you purchased happens to go on sale within the first week or two after you bought it.

Happy shopping and stay fabulous