Twisted Silver lets you take the beach with you everywhere

TwistedSilver701Beach season is here and leave it to Twisted Silver to come up with a fabulous way of bringing a little piece of a California beach with you everywhere you go. Twisted Silver’s new “Beach Earrings” offer a little bit more than a medium size and neutral tone; they offer a sandy California beach. Inside the glass bulb of Twisted Silver’s new “Beach Earrings” is sand from an actual beach in California which offers the perfect solution to rocking the current kitschy trend while showing off your beachy side.

The kitschy trend popped up for spring and summer when Prada showed 1950’s inspired car shoes and handbags on the runway and  when Kate Spade showed her “Poolside” collection which features a clutch that looks like pool water with a pool ladder shaped closure. Twisted Silver’s answer to this season’s playful and kitschy trend is the “Beach Earrings” which offer the perfect, understated way of showing off your playful side.

Twisted Silver’s “Beach Earrings” are made from brass, glass and California beach sand. The drop is one inch and they are priced at $30. (Use coupon code INSIDERS for 15% off). The “Beach Earrings” can be found online at

Photo credit: Twisted Silver

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