Chanel nail polish goes classic for the Holiday 2011 season

Chanel Rouge Carat is the hot new nail color from Chanel for the Holiday 2011 season. Chanel nail polish for Holidays 2011 has gone classic and sexy with Rouge Carat which is a red hot red that has subtle pink undertones. Chanel typically creates new and exciting nail colors every season based upon the color palette of their ready-to-wear runway shows but for Holiday 2011 Chanel took an unexpected turn and went classic with a sexy red shade “Rouge Carat.”

Chanel’s fall 2011 nail polish color palette included “Peridot” which was an innovative gold and green, color changing nail polish that captured instant “IT” status among trend-setters and nail polish addicts. For the Holiday 2011 season Chanel has gone in the exact opposite direction by creating “Rouge Carat” which is a classic red nail polish with slightly sparkling pink undertones.

After several seasons of innovative colors, Chanel nail polish Rouge Carat is a classic, pinkish red that is both sexy and holiday appropriate. This classic take on nail color works perfectly with fall 2011, holiday 2011 and spring 2012 trends which include shades of purple, plum and red. As apparel trends include vintage styling such as knee-length skirts and feminine dressing, it is only natural that make-up would follow suit with a classic, pinkish red shade such as Chanel Rouge Carat.

Red is one of fall 2011’s biggest color trends and is considered a mainstay, timeless color every holiday season. Chanel Rouge Carat fits perfectly into both trends and the pinkish undertones allow Rouge Carat to work well with fall’s current purple, plum and pink color palette. The pink undertones also allow Rouge Carat to work well with shades of blue; making it an easy color to wear everyday. Love it!

If Chanel Rouge Carat is not your thing, never fear! You can still rock the classic red trend for the Holiday 2011 season with a darker shade of red or a wine color. Duri Cosmetics has an array of wine colored nail polish which offers a wide range of shades, able to suit any Fashionistas taste.

If darker colors are what you prefer and Chanel Rouge Carat is too bright for your taste, Chanel Granite from the fall 2011 collection is perfect for carrying you into the holiday season. The charcoal, sparkling color of Granite is festive and elegant; perfect for ringing in the Holidays.

Chanel Rouge Carat is limited edition and will only be around for the Holiday 2011 season. Grab yours before they disappear! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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