Patriotic fashion for the 4th of July weekend

The 4th of July weekend is fast approaching and Fashionistas throughout the country are putting together their patriotic outfits for BBQ’s, county fair’s, parade watching and fireworks viewing. One of the common themes with every 4th of July activity is that the weather is warm, the colors are red, white and blue and there will be walking involved.

Dressing for the weather is the easiest part of assembling a patriotic ensemble for the 4th of July. In general, shorts, tee-shirts and tank tops are in order. Sometimes including all three key colors can be a challenge, so many fashion-savvy patriots may opt for blue and white ensembles or all red looks. Regardless of the color mix, the biggest challenge is finding footwear that is not only patriotic but comfortable enough for standing, walking and keeping dirt off a perfect pedicure.

If attending a county fair, such as the Marin County Fair, the one thing to remember is that there is not going to be very much pavement. The ground is dirt and there may be some hay strewn about. This means those sparkling red Christian Louboutin’s will not be appropriate footwear for riding on the Ferris wheel, petting a few goats and eating funnel cakes. In order to enjoy the fair, Fashionistas everywhere will need closed toe shoes that are, <<gasp>> flat!

Yes, flat shoes with closed toes work best at the country fair, despite the fact that they can never be as fabulous as those new suede Prada pumps sitting on your bedroom floor. In order to stay comfortable and have a fabulous time, tennis shoes such as canvas Converse shoes, which can be found at Target or Tom’s shoes work really well for messy feet situations and a lot of standing and walking.

Whatever your plans are for this fabulous holiday weekend, have fun, stay safe and of course, be fabulous!