Interview with Kimora Lee Simmons

I had the honor of interviewing Kimora Lee Simmons last week regarding the fabulous work she is doing around the country in conjunction with Bounty in order to help keep American classrooms clean. Kimora Lee Simmons took the time to speak with me just minutes before going into North St. Francois High School in Bonne Terre, Missouri in order to unveil the classroom she designed. The designer classroom was part of the $50,000 make-over sweepstakes offered by Bounty through the “We Love Our School” campaign.

The “We Love Our School” campaign gave parents the chance to enter their children’s school into a sweepstakes for a grand prize designer make-over worth $50,000. The sweepstakes was part of the national “Make a Clean Difference” campaign by Bounty and Kimora Lee Simmons where schools can receive a free cleaning kit filled with cleaning supplies in order to help keep classrooms clean.

The average teacher spends $500-$600 per year, out of his/her own pocket for classroom cleaning supplies. The “Make A Clean Difference” campaign is raising awareness for the need for cleaning supplies in the classroom.

The “We Love Our School” campaign winner, St. Francois High School in Bonne Terre, Missouri enjoyed having their art room make over by Kimora Lee Simmons who not only designed the classroom to be organized and practical for learning, she added “fabulosity” to the learning environment.

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