Daily Archives: March 16, 2011

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow and many Fashionistas may be wondering how to be green without actually wearing green. Whether or not one celebrates St. Patrick’s Day is a moot point. Since the theme color of the day is green, why not Go Green too!

There are many ways to Go Green on St. Patrick’s aside from wearing green. In fashionable terms, you can Go Green by wearing sustainable clothing or jewelry; or both! Eco-conscious jewelry can be found atTwisted Silver, and with coupon code INSIDERS, you can save 15%! You can also find eco-conscious tee-shirts and totes at Quote Couture.

If you do not own sustainable clothing and accessories, and shopping for them is out of the question, you can Go Green on the cheap. The Go Green term that many Fashionistas are familiar with is “Reduce Reuse Recycle.” March 17, 2011 is a great day to start gearing up for Earth Day in April.

Reduce: Why not turn off or turn down your heating system for a day? Wearing a sweatshirt to bed or around the house is a great way to stay warm and save energy by keeping your heating usage down.

Reuse: Thinking of throwing away a cardboard box? Why not reuse it! Cardboard boxes can always be used to store items such as winter clothing over the spring and summer months. They can also be converted into a fort for children to play in. Did you know Neiman Marcus sells cardboard playhouses for close to $100?! Why not make one and reuse your old cardboard!

Recycle: Have items that your recycling company will not take such as batteries or an old computer? Why not use Thursday as the day to drop those recyclable items off at your local recycling facility! Do you have cans or bottles with redemption value? Why not take those items out of your collection bin and bring them to a local recycling center. You will earn enough cash for lunch the next day! Fabulous!

What are your favorite ways to reduce reuse and recycle? Feel free to share in the comment section below. Thank you and stay fabulous