Blow products give Fashionistas the perfect blow dry at home

Blow is a blow dry product line created by The New York Blow Dry Bar. The New York Blow Dry Bar is a hot spot in New York for hair care. Celebrities such as Emma Stone and Lauren Bush have been spotted getting blow outs at Blow NY. The blow dry services at The Blow Dry Bar are in such high demand, that the experts at Blow NY decided to create an at-home blow dry product line which is easy to use, shortens blow dry time and gives great results.

One of the biggest problems Fashionistas have is maintaining frizz and fly-away hair. There is a product for that! Ready set blow by blow is a pure protein blend which helps to accelerate blow dry time and create the same result as a salon blow-out without paying the salon blow-out price. Ready set blow is a must-have for Fashionistas who live in climate’s that can “frizz-up” hair since fog, rain and humidity can ruin a good hair day. Thankfully, ready set blow has solved that problem and keeps your good hair day; regardless of the weather.

Ready set blow is easy to use; you can put a small amount on your fingers and run it through your hair after towel drying it. Then, you will notice that as you blow dry your hair, it dries quickly with a smooth finish. Not only are you saving time, you are saving electricity. Fabulous and green, love it!

Blow also has fabulous styling products that can make hair design at home easy and possible. The blow up thickening mist gives soft bounce to long hair and adds fullness. Even a gust of wind as the fog rolls in over the mountains cannot flatten out your hair. The blow up thickening mist is perfect for days when you want volume in your hair.

The beach blow is also a great product for adding texture to your hair. If you apply to damp, towel dried hair and blow dry using your fingers instead of a brush or comb, it creates a tousled “I just came from the beach but I look fabulous” look which is a great hairstyle for daytime or for casual evenings.

Blow also makes a product called the wave maker. The wave maker is a lotion that you can apply to towel dried hair and then proceed to blow dry using a round brush. The wave maker creates soft waves on wavy hair and tames curls on curly hair creating a soft and manageable hairstyle. Whether you have created waves or loose curls, you will have an easy hair look that can be worn casual or dressy.

*We tested all of the products mentioned in this article on naturally wavy hair, straight fine hair and naturally curly hair (think natural ringlets) and the results were amazing! Bay Area Fashionista highly recommends blow products and we BEG Blow NY to open a salon in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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Photo: c/o blow blow up thickening mist; blow wave maker; blow ready set blow; blow beach blow