How To Survive Black Friday

How to survive Black Friday is a skill every Fashionista needs to master. Black Friday is one of the most popular shopping days of the year and generates large amounts of revenue for shops. Shoppers tend to go to the stores and malls on Black Friday for a variety of reasons ranging from sales, limited time discounts, family tradition, curiosity, nothing better to do; the list goes on. Whatever the reason is that we, as Fashionistas, flock to the mall the day after Thanksgiving, we need to survive by maintaining our energy and staying focused.

If you are a seasoned, day after Thanksgiving shopper, then this guide is mere entertainment for you. BUT, if you are venturing to the shops for the first time on Black Friday, this guide will help you stay fresh and focused for shopping success!

1) Wear a cross-body handbag. The last thing you need to fiddle with is a handbag while carrying ten shopping bags. Do not attempt to wear a fanny pack. Even if you have a Louis Vuitton fannypack, it is still a fashion don’t. Sell that thing on eBay and buy a decent cross-body bag!

2) Leave the 4″ Prada pumps at home. There is a good chance you will stand in multiple lines which are 30 minutes long. This is a time for heels that are no higher than 2″ tall. Or, better yet, wear a fabulous pair of Balenciaga ballet flats. Your feet will thank you 

3) Bring your own shopping bags. Let’s turn Black Friday into Green Friday. The reusable totes that we use at the grocery store can also be used at the mall. Take out the plastic bottom and fold them into your handbag. Then you can pull them out when you purchase something. The fabulous thing about the reusable totes is that the straps are long enough to wear on your shoulders; this frees up your hands for more shopping. Love it!

4) Keep a Pez dispenser in your handbag. Standing in line for 30 minutes in order to buy a $10 bobble head can make any Fashionista hungry, or worse, drop your blood sugar. Keep a cute little Pez dispenser in your purse for a quick sugar fix while you are stuck in line. If you do not own a Pez dispenser, they can be found at Target Stores. Any candy will work, but Pez dispenser’s are slim and easily fit into small spaces inside of a handbag, as well as the lipstick pocket that some handbags feature inside such as Chanel.

5) Buy something for yourself. While getting your Holiday shopping done is fine and dandy, you deserve a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself. Treat yourself to a fabulous pair of Chanel rain boots, a Balenciaga Handbag or a Loro Piana wrap. Why not, you deserve it!

6) Arrive early, leave early. Arrive at the mall thirty minutes before the shops open. This way you can park close to the door and you will be there when the stores open. Treat yourself to a cup of coffee or cocoa while you wait for the shops to open their doors. Since most shoppers will arrive around 1pm, you will be done shopping and at home with your feet up by the time the shops get really crowded. Fabulous!

This is a great time of year to shop, so have fun while doing it! Happy shopping and stay fabulous.