Rock and Roll for Fall 2010

There was small hint of rock and roll hidden within the runways for Fall 2010. As models donning 1990s Minimalism and 1950s nostalgia strutted down the catwalk, one or two outfits per show hinted at a little bit of rock and roll for the club scene and nights out on the town. The bad girl hint was hidden among prim and proper full skirts, full skirted dresses and somber, black outfits with a small pop of red. For Fashionistas who are not interested in looking like a Stepford wife or funeral attendee, the rock and roll trend is a breath of fresh air.

The rock and roll look has been on trend for the past several seasons, but for Fall 2010 it no longer blends into the background of other, more prominent trends. The rock and roll trend stands apart from the majority of the looks coming off the runway and into reality. The trend rebels against the vintage, 1950s trend with torn fabric on dresses, heavy eye make-up and larger-than-life shoes.

The pants are tight, leather and black. In lieu of skirts, designers such as Giorgio Armani showed hot pants in glittering black. Versace dared to show a torn, black dress that did not leave much to the imagination. The reality version of the dress will be hitting stores under the Versus label for Fall. Less expensive stores such as Forever 21 and H & M are showing the rock and roll look in more somber colors, reflective of the overall color pallette from the Fall runways. Hot pants are already popping up on teenagers and college students throughout the Bay Area. The popular form of hot pants among students is denim. Unlike Daisy Dukes from yesteryear, the hems are sewn and all seams are in place.

Eye make-up was shown in two versions on the Fall runways. There were some designers who chose to show a natural eye, making onlookers wonder if any make-up was present on the models eyes at all. Other designers showed a heavy eye with light lipstick. The two make-up looks were not consistent with the stand-outs trends for Fall, giving Fashionistas a choice when it comes to eye design. The rock and roll eye has heavy black eyeliner, false eyelashes and brown eye shadow above and below the eye. The application method harkens back to the smoky, grey eyes from earlier in the decade.

Lastly, as the soles of shoes are coming back down to Earth, the rock and roll look continues the sky high trend of platform and high heels. Balenciaga and Christian Dior are giving Fashionistas chunky black platforms with metallic accents while Fendi shows the platform in more somber, neutral colors adding a little bit of rock and roll to the full skirt. . .hmmmm. . .trend fusion for Fall!

The rock and roll trend has been around, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to shop your closet! But please, let’s keep the hot pants stored, or better yet, sell those things on eBay. Hot pants is one trend that needs to stay on the runway and NOT hit reality. Happy shopping and stay fabulous.