Perfect Handbag for Spring 2010!

In the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly in Silicon Valley, California Casual has been the definition of fashion in this tech-heavy area of the world. The individual style of Silicon Valley residents is influenced by the workaholic culture surrounding the start-up company and high-tech industries. Bay Area residents who work in Silicon Valley are no stranger to long hours. They have always gravitated towards more casual dress for professional settings as well as on personal time. The professional culture of the valley combined with the fabulous weather has created the perfect environment for California Casual to be born decades ago and continue to develop over time. This is why it comes as no surprise that fashionistas in the Bay Area are drawn to Balenciaga Handbags, also lovingly known as “Bbags.”

We are unique style setters in the Bay Area. Our politics, our culture and our diversity have created the perfect style vacuum for individuality. This is why Balenciaga handbags are so perfect for fashionistas here in the Valley. Balenciaga handbags became popular when the “motorcycle” handbag became an “IT” bag a decade ago. Worn on the arm of many celebrities, Balenciaga’s motorcycle handbags became a must-have for any style savvy and edgy fashionista. The fabulous part about Balenciaga’s handbags is that they never tire season after season. The Italian fashion house delivers bright and fabulous colors season after season to keep enthusiasts continually wanting more.

Balenciaga delivers their motorcycle style handbags in many shapes and sizes. The popular small version is known as the “First,” followed by larger styles called “City Tote” and “Part-Time Tote.” These are just a few of the many sizes that Balenciaga offers as a choice. In addition to various sizes and shapes, Bbags come with different types of hardware: Regular Hardware, which are small, dark rivets and Giant Hardware which has a more glam look to it and can be found in silver, gold and rose gold. You can also find Giant hardware in “Covered Hardware” which is hardware covered by leather to match the handbag. The regular hardware handbags come with edgy tassles that not only look really cool but function as zipper pulls. The Giant hardware styles do not have the tassles, they have more traditional, leather zipper pulls.

Bbags are known for their amazing colors and soft, squishy distressed lambskin. The color saturation on the handbags are not found on other designer’s handbags. This is something that is unique to Balenciaga and keeps Bbag lovers coming back for more season after season. It is very easy to collect handbags from the same color group just by varying the size and hardware choices. No two handbags in your collection will look the same, even when they are all shades of purple! In Fall of 2009 Balenciaga had a color choice called “Tempete” or “Storm.” This was a fabulous chambray blue which is straight off the runway for Spring 2010. Any girl who was able to snag this color is very lucky since it is next to impossible to find unless you look in the secondary market. But, if you were not able to snag the “it” color of the season, last season, never fear! Spring 2010 brings more fabulous colors to Balenciaga’s handbag line in addition to traditional colors, such as black, anthracite, Sahara (beige) and brown. The hot colors for Bbags this Spring are Cyclade (turquoise), Outremer (bright blue), Papeete (rich, dark seafoam), Sang (cool red), Tomate (cool orange) and Sorbet (bright bubble gum pink).

So, pretty soon all Bay Area Fashionistas will have their very own Bbag. The popularity continues to grow, and since the Valley doesn’t seem to be moving away from California Casual any time soon, the time to grab one of these fabulous handbags is now! After all, they encompass everything we are about; forward thinking, edgy, casual yet glamorous and individual! Who could ask for anything more?