Traveling with Scents

The Bay Area, and most of the nation for that matter, has been suffering from strong winter weather. Dealing with heavy rain and snow can make any fashionista hungry for a vacation! Some people will be heading up to Tahoe or Yosemite to enjoy the winter snow pack while others will be hopping on a airplane to warmer climates. Whether you travel by plane, train or automobile the common problem every fashionista will face is how do you pack your favorite perfume bottle? If you travel by airplane, you may not be allowed to carry-on your favorite scent. Unfortunately, packing your $100, $200 or even $300 perfume bottle in your suitcase that will be checked is not ideal. We all know what happens to our checked baggage! The tossing of the suitcase along with the threat of your suitcase being on the bottom of someone else’s 5000 pound baggage can cause even the most carefully packed glass bottle to break. Not only will you lose your precious perfume but everything in your suitcase will be ruined! Thankfully perfume houses have come up with the perfect solution for scent-savvy fashionistas everywhere. The solid perfume.

Solid Perfume has been around for several years, but lately more perfumiers have been creating solid versions of their best selling scents. Marc Jacobs has put his famous scent “Daisy” into a fun daisy style ring that flips up to reveal the solid perfume. Marc Jacobs and Estee Lauder have also put their solids into jewelry such as necklaces. Bond No. 9, the famous New York perfume house that is known for it’s original scents that are inspired by various New York Burroughs has a pretty, gold compact that fits easily into your purse or pocket. There are even recipes on the Internet in places such as “wikihow” that help you make your favorite scent into a solid for your convenience. This is a great alternative to buying the solid perfume as they can run in price from $20-$100+. Whatever your choice, make sure you have at least one solid scent on hand for traveling, your gym bag, your handbag or anywhere you might be in need of smelling fabulous!


Solid Perfume shown here; Nuits de noho by Bond No. 9