Tom Ford Viper nail polish for fall 2015

tom ford fall 2015 nail polish

Pictured: Tom Ford Viper nail polish for fall 2015

Tom Ford nail polish is one of my favorite nail lacquers. It is long lasting, and comes in the most amazing colors. So when Tom Ford released his fall 2015 beauty collection, I had to get my hands on his fall 2015 nail polish color, Tom Ford Viper.

Tom Ford Viper nail polish appeared to be a deep, dark purple when I looked at it in the bottle. When I began applying the first coat, Viper by Tom Ford took on more of a deep, pinkish burgundy hue. A chameleon nail hue! Love that!

I applied one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. I have noticed that Tom Ford Viper nail polish looks like burgundy in artificial light. In the sunlight, it has more of a purplish-burgundy hybrid look, and under florescent lighting, it has a dark, pinkish purple look. Very cool 😉

Tom Ford nail polish is very strong. It is chip-resistant and scratch-resistant. I was able to wear Tom Ford Viper for eight days before removing it. I removed it because my nails grew and I don’t like the look of growing out nails.

I have to credit my favorite top coat for helping this nail polish last so long. You can shop it here, or read my review here.

With Marsala as the color of 2015, nail polish hues which blend well with shades of red, burgundy, and traditional autumn hues, are the ideal colors for nails. Tom Ford Viper nail polish fits this bill with it’s burgundy and purple undertones. Love that!

Tom Ford Viper nail polish will also transition well into the winter season. The winter season has the same color palette as the fall season; with the exception of the holiday season which will feature more bright red than the rest of winter. Tom Ford Viper will blend perfectly with the holiday red’s, and winter’s shades of red, neutrals, and winter whites.

To shop Tom Ford Viper nail polish, please click here, here or here.

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