national flip flop day

Flip Flops summer 2018

flip flops summer 2018

from top left: rose gold flip flops (avl in more colors) / black rockstud flip flops (avl in more colors) (I own these and love them, they last forever!!) / leather and woven flip flops / silver flip flops (avl in more colors) / bow tie flip flops (avl in more colors) / black pattern flip flops /

Happy National Flip Flop Day! Summer 2018 is here, which means it is time to find that perfect pair of flip flops! Flips flops are fabulous summer sandals. They can be worn at the beach, the pool, and on the street. There are so many styles of flips flops on the market, you are sure to find the perfect pair for any use!

When shopping for flip flops, have fun with it! Flip flops don’t go out of style, so you can invest in a patterned pair, a studded pair, or a brightly colored pair without worrying about how many seasons you can wear it. Chances are, your new pair will last for several summer seasons. Love that!

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What is your favorite pair for the summer season?

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